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Instructor and Program Director: Andrew S. Rosz

Andrew S. Rosz; Instructor and Program Director

A Complete Beginning Tennis Program For Everyone - This program is for beginners of all ages with little or no previous tennis experience. Topics include the rules of tennis, clothes and equipment, body conditioning and exercises, the grip, the ready position, how to watch the ball, groundstroke fundamentals, and the serve.

Intermediate Excellence Tennis Program - This program helps develop the student's abilities to enable him or her to compete effectively in local-level and league competition. Singles and doubles competition is covered with a special emphasis on technique, stroke development, and competitive strategies.

World Class Tennis Program - This comprehensive program is for dedicated players of all ages. This three-part program teaches both the mental and physical aspects of "World Class" professional tennis to those aspiring to be the best.

Youth Excellence Tennis Program - This program involves teaching world class professional tennis to young players age 3 to 16.  The program is taught as a series of individual private lessons, twice per week, and to only one student at a time.  As parental on-court participation is mandatory, this program has been carefully designed to provide the best possible training for talented young players on the fast-track to success.

Intensive Training Programs for Foreign Players, Tour Players, Out-Of-Town Visitors, and Future Champions - At South Florida Professional Tennis Instruction, we offer a variety one and two week intensive training programs for tennis players of all ages visiting from out of town.  Longer training programs are also available by special request.  Please CLICK HERE to learn more about program options, accommodations, scheduling, and fees.


Unlike most tennis programs, all SFPTI tennis programs are presented as a series of individual private lessons to only one or two students at a time.  Each lesson follows a carefully designed course outline and covers a wide variety of topics.  Program lessons are 60 minutes each and are scheduled at a time convenient to the student.  For registration information, please CLICK HERE or contact Andrew Rosz at (954) 922-8040.

Note: All Tennis Programs offered by South Florida Professional Tennis Instruction are also available as book publications; expertly-written in manuscript-form for players unable to attend the course in person, or for players who simply prefer to be "self-taught."  For more information on our world-renowned SFPTI tennis instruction training manuals and book publications CLICK HERE.


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