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By: Andrew S. Rosz

World Class Instructional Aids and Tennis Training Manuals for the "Self-Taught" PlayerTM

 New Editions Now Available! 

SFPTI tennis books and training manuals are used by more tennis coaches and teaching pros than all others combined... worldwide.  And for good reason.  They're the most comprehensive and most effective teaching aids available.  And now, each of our world-renowned SFPTI tennis books and training manuals are available to you; fully-documented in manuscript-form on printable e-Book CD and expertly written for tennis players who prefer to be "self-taught."

Imagine that... For about the price of a single tennis lesson from a qualified pro, you can learn to play better tennis yourself through a structured "self-taught" program of skills development using the same instructional materials that teaching pros have been using for years!

SFPTI tennis books and training manuals are easy-to-read and loaded with technical information, helpful advice, practice tips, teaching aids, and step-by-step instruction to guide you every step of the way.  Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, advanced, or world class player, we've got the training manuals you need.  SFPTI...  World class tennis books and training manuals for the "self-taught" player.TM

See below to order!

A Complete Beginning Tennis Program For Everyone
Training Manual

A Complete Beginning Tennis Program - Training Manual

Our world-renowned SFPTI beginner book and training manual is for tennis players of all ages with little or no previous tennis experience who prefer to be "self-taught."  Featuring easy-to-read text and a step-by-step approach to learning proper tennis, it's the only beginner book you need!  Topics include the rules of tennis, clothes and equipment, body conditioning and exercises, the grip, the ready position, how to watch the ball, groundstroke fundamentals, and the serve.
Price $80 (U.S.)  More Info...

Intermediate Excellence Tennis Program
Training Manual

The SFPTI "Intermediate Excellence" tennis book and training manual teaches intermediate players how to compete more effectively in local-level and league competition using a "self-taught" fundamentals approach. Singles and doubles competition is covered in great detail with a special emphasis on stroke development, weakness identification and correction, improving technique, and competitive strategies.
Price $80 (U.S.)  More Info...

Internediate Excellence Tennis Program - Training Manual

World Class Tennis Program (WCTP)
Training Manuals

World Class Tennis Program Training Manual - Part One - The Techniques
WCTP Part One
The Techniques
World Class Tennis Program Training Manual - Part Two - Stroke Development
WCTP Part Two
Stroke Development
World Class Tennis Program Training Manual - Part Three - Performance Tennis
WCTP Part Three
Performance Tennis
World Class Tennis Program - Student Manual
Student Manual

This comprehensive set of WCTP Training Manuals is for dedicated players of all ages aspiring to become the among the best tennis players in the world.  Routinely used by teaching pros and professional players worldwide, recreational players can also use the WCTP training manuals to take their game to higher levels and save literally thousands of dollars on formal tennis instruction.  Both the mental and physical aspects of "World Class" professional tennis are covered in great detail with an emphasis on developing masterful tennis strokes and world class consistency.  A supplemental WCTP Student Manual is also available as an on-court reference (highly-recommended) which outlines and summarizes the main ideas presented in the program.  Click Here to learn more...



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