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Part Three - Performance Tennis
By: Andrew S. Rosz

 New Edition Now Available! 

In the WCTP Training Manual Part Three - Performance Tennis, advanced concepts of strategy and competition are discussed in detail.  Offensive and defensive styles for both singles and doubles are also discussed together with concepts of "knowing what to do when..." in a variety competitive situations.  Price $80 (U.S.)

Topics covered in the WCTP Performance Tennis training manual include...

  • Performance tennis; a complete discussion
  • Intelligence and the world class tennis player
  • The importance of using proper form and technique
  • Advanced concepts of strategy and competition
  • The most important tennis skill to consistently win matches
  • Consistency vs. power; the winning formula
  • Exercise drills for the world class player
  • How to choose the best shot among alternatives
  • How to play your best tennis in front of an audience
  • Becoming a "match tough" competitor
  • Eleven ways to play a practice set
  • Strategies for winning the tiebreaker each and every time
  • Three ways to improve your ability to win tiebreakers
  • Target point tennis; a complete discussion
  • Six ways to play target point tennis
  • Five ways to become a more competitive player
  • Offensive play; a complete discussion
  • Aggressive play vs. offensive play
  • The primary goal of offensive play
  • Learning to become a better offensive player
  • Seven characteristics of a well-executed offensive shot
  • Ten common applications of an offensive shot
  • Knowing when and when not to play offensively
  • The ten requirements for sustained offensive play
  • Twelve essentials for becoming a better offensive player
  • Offensive exercise drills
  • Defensive play; a complete discussion
  • Using defensive strategies to your advantage
  • The six goals of defensive play
  • Mastering eight common defensive shots
  • Knowing when to play defensively on the next shot
  • Knowing when to play defensively as a strategy for survival
  • Knowing when to play defensively as a strategy for winning
  • How to avoid getting yourself into defensive situations
  • Defensive exercise drills
  • Singles strategy; a complete discussion
  • Twenty five singles strategy basics
  • Offensive and defensive singles strategies
  • The four requirements of a winning singles strategy
  • Doubles strategy; a complete discussion
  • Forty three doubles strategy basics
  • Why it's important for all players to play doubles
  • Basic strategy differences between singles and doubles
  • Using lobs and overheads in advanced match play doubles
  • Offensive and defensive doubles strategies
  • The eight requirements of a winning doubles strategy
  • Percentage tennis; a complete discussion
  • The attitude, understanding, and application of percentage tennis
  • Thirteen winning applications of percentage tennis
  • Offensive and defensive percentage tennis
  • The consistent groundstroker vs. the serve and volley player
  • How to consistently win using percentage tennis
  • Competing against an accomplished percentage tennis player
  • When not to play percentage tennis
  • Learning to play better percentage tennis
  • Percentage tennis exercise drills
  • Clay courts vs. hard courts; a complete discussion
  • Learning to become a better clay court player
  • Ten essentials for consistently winning on clay
  • The five C's of winning tennis; a complete discussion
  • Putting it all together to win against the best players in the world
  • Managing your career as a world class tennis player
  • And so much more!  Order your copy today!  Only $80 (U.S.)

Publisher's Note:  The World Class Tennis Program Training Manuals are for dedicated players of all ages aspiring to become the among the best tennis players in the world.  Both the mental and physical aspects of "World Class" professional tennis are covered in great detail with an emphasis on developing masterful tennis strokes and world class consistency.  In Part Three "Performance Tennis" advanced concepts of strategy and competition are discussed in detail.  Also in Part Three, the student will learn to make appropriate decisions in a variety of competitive situations as concepts of "knowing what to do when..." are thoroughly explained.  Offensive and defensive styles are also discussed together with competitive strategies for both singles and doubles.  In comparison, the Part One and Part Two WCTP training manuals help the student to develop professional tennis skills.  The Part Three training manual teaches the student how and when to use those skills in obtaining the ultimate competitive advantage; the ability to perform under pressure.  CLICK HERE to read the first chapter of the WCTP Part Three training manual for free!  Price $80 (U.S.)


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