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Part One - The Techniques

Instructor and Program Author: Andrew S. Rosz


Part One of the "World Class Tennis Program" is primarily lecture and on-court demonstrations. Below is an outline of some of the issues and techniques that will be thoroughly discussed in Part One of our program.

How to identify a "World Class" player... The three basic ways to play tennis... Common reasons players don't improve... Tennis Excuses; what they really mean... How to watch the Pros and benefit from what you see... The secrets to playing good tennis... The worst strategy in tennis... How to measure and monitor your progress... How to turn practice into performance... How to get the most out of your practice time... The best time to use a ball machine... Five things to remember when practicing on the court... Three ways to use the practice wall... How to practice off the court... The single most important tennis skill of all...

The definition of a "Groundstroke"... The five characteristics of a proper groundstroke... Nine reasons why groundstroke are important... The three basic types of groundstroke... The definition and discussion of an "Unforced Error"... Three fundamentals of proper groundstroke... How to instantly improve your ability to hit groundstroke... The seven techniques of proper groundstroke form...

The two most common errors in tennis strokes of most players... A simple cure for these two most common errors... The two-tennis machine concept... The definition of the "Ready position"... The different types of ready positions and when to use each... Four characteristics common to all ready positions... The six techniques of the proper groundstroke ready position... 

Why watching the ball is the most misunderstood skill in tennis... Five ways you can tell if you are watching the ball successfully... Three things to look for when watching the ball... The ultimate ball-watching skill... Eye-training exercises... The five techniques for successfully watching the ball...

The importance of proper grip technique... How the grip influences your game... The grips commonly used in tennis... Common grip problems... How to select a grip that is best for you... Three general techniques common to all grips... Six techniques for proper grip development... Three exercises to help develop your grip...

LESSON #6 - EARLY PREPARATION"Definition of "Early Preparation"... The importance of early preparation... Three characteristics of good early preparation... The benefits of early preparation... The eight techniques of early preparation... Introduction to the "two-step" stroke...

The definition of "Form"... The definition of "Balance"... The analysis of a tennis stroke... The "two-step" stroke vs. the "three-step" stroke... The definition and discussion of "Timing"... The three techniques of balance... The eleven techniques of "World Class" form...

The basics of good footwork... Why "techniques" don't apply to footwork... Ten general concepts of footwork... Three common applications of footwork... Advanced footwork skills...

South Florida Professional Tennis Instruction - Training Manuals for the self-taught player. Note: World Class Tennis Program Part One - The Techniques is also available as a Tennis Instruction Training Manual book publication; expertly-written in manuscript-form for players unable to attend the 8-week course in person, or for players who simply prefer to be "self-taught."  For more information on the complete set of WCTP Training Manuals CLICK HERE.
In the World Class Tennis Program Tennis Instruction Training Manual Part One - The Techniques, the many skills and techniques of proper tennis form are explained in detail.  Due to the large volume of material covered in Part One, this training manual also includes many carefully designed practice exercises and on-court drills to help the student measure and monitor his progress.  After completing Part One, the student will have been introduced to all of the core skills and techniques necessary to continue with Part Two of the program on Stroke Development.  Price $80 (U.S.)  CLICK HERE TO ORDER!


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