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General Techniques
By: Andrew S. Rosz

South Florida Professional Tennis Instruction
Hollywood, Florida
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  1. They hit the ball too hard
  2. They have too much motion in their strokes

A simple cure for these two most common stroke errors... For all balls that bounce before you hit them; use a proportional racket swing depending on your physical location on the court.

  • Deep back court position.... hit with full swing and full power (Remember, full power is only 60% of the total power you are capable of)
  • Mid court position.......... hit with compact swing and reduced power
  • Front court position........ hit with no swing per se and very little power


Tennis Machine #1 (from the waist up)

  1. Never accommodates TM2
  2. Provides for only 20% of the total backswing movement
  3. Is where all the consistency is found in tennis if TM2 is doing its job
  4. Produces the strokes

Tennis Machine #2 (from the waist down)

  1. Always accommodates TM1
  2. Provides for 80% of the total backswing movement
  3. Responsible for getting TM1 into the optimum position (like the game of chicken children play in a shallow swimming pool with two people per team)
  4. Properly positions TM1 with appropriate running, footwork, bending, turning sideways, etc.


General Characteristics of All Ready Positions:

  1. It should be comfortable so that you could remain in that position for long periods if required to do so
  2. It is a motionless position
  3. Body weight is equally distributed among both feet
  4. It is a neutral position favoring neither forehand or backhand

Techniques of the Proper Groundstroke Ready Position:

  1. Hand(s) hold racket loosely, one hand on grip, one hand on throat (with thumb on top edge of throat)
  2. Hand(s) hold racket so that racket head is perpendicular to the ground
  3. Stand facing forward with knees slightly bent
  4. Your physical location is near the baseline directly behind the middle target point
  5. Check your grip after every shot (push with your thumb to adjust grip)
  6. Recover quickly; the stroke is not over until both TM1 and TM2 are in the ready position again awaiting the next stroke

Note: Each of the tennis tips outlined above are more fully discussed in a series of expertly-written tennis instruction training manuals and book publications for players who prefer to be "self-taught."  For more information on our world-renowned SFPTI tennis instruction training manuals and book publications CLICK HERE.


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