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Part Two - Stroke Development
By: Andrew S. Rosz

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Publisher's Note:  The World Class Tennis Program Training Manuals are for dedicated players of all ages aspiring to become the among the best tennis players in the world.  Both the mental and physical aspects of "World Class" professional tennis are covered in great detail with an emphasis on developing masterful tennis strokes and world class consistency.  In Part Two "Stroke Development" the many tennis skills and techniques of Part One are selectively chosen and combined to build tennis strokes commonly found in "World Class" professional tennis players.  Also in Part Two, special emphasis is on student participation as the majority of material covered requires time spent on the court developing strokes.  Once Part Two of the program has been completed, the student will have gained both an in-depth understanding of advanced tennis form and the ability to use a variety of "World Class" tennis strokes in a variety of competitive situations.  The student will also be ready to continue with Part Three of the World Class Tennis Program on "Performance Tennis."  Price $80 (U.S.)


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